Ensemble Academy Freiburg

Two of the most exciting ensembles on the international music scene are based in Freiburg-im-Breisgau: the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra has made a name for itself worldwide with the historical performance of Baroque and classical works, and the ensemble recherche, which has dedicated itself to the performance of contemporary music with great international success.

The two orchestras have jointly organised the annual Ensemble Academy Freiburg since 2004, with master classes in ensemble playing of historical and contemporary music for professional musicians and music students from all over the world.

Far more than two musical directions juxtapositioned, what matters in the Academy is a mutual interfusion of old and new, and the mutual artistic inspiration of differing performance practices – leading to the premiering of works for Baroque and modern instruments.

This unusual Ensemble Academy, with its exciting coexistence of old and new, has meanwhile become a sought-after export article. In the autumn of 2007 it migrated to North America and thrilled numerous Mexican students; in spring 2011 it went travelling again and took place in Austria (St. Pölten) for the first time.

This collaboration of two completely differently oriented ensembles, unique on the international music scene, has resulted in a close contentual bond upon which the idea of a shared Ensemble House in Freiburg is based. The central aim of this Ensemble House is, naturally, to finally provide a fixed rehearsal space for both orchestras. But that is not all: the Ensemble Academy will also have its own base.

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Besides, the Ensemble Academy Freiburg features Classwork by ensemble recherche.