Macri Cáceres

Macri Cáceres is a composer of mixed and electronic music, performer, improviser, builder of ceramic flutes, creator of sound spaces and poetry. Producer and curator of the Virtual Meeting of Female Latin American Composers, founding member of Musuq non profit organization, an entity dedicated to the promotion of new music made by young composers in Peru, part of RETAMA, the first group of Peruvian composers and member of RedcLa, Network of Latin American Female Composers.

Born in Lima, Peru. She studied music and composition at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) and has taken the diploma in sound creation with new technologies from CMMAS (Mexican Center for Music and Sound Arts) in 2019.

Her research with the sonic possibilities of ceramic flutes has led her to both harmonic exploration during the construction process, and creative possibilities in composition and collaboration with other artists and disciplines. Her music seeks to integrate the stages of construction of the instruments and the subsequent manipulation of the sound elements in electronic environments as a single creative process. The presence of textures and the timbral relationships between the different sounds created and modified both analogically and electronically, are characteristic elements of her musical work. Within her own creative process, she uses elements from different disciplines to conceptualize her work, creating pieces that involve sound poetry or graphic and text scores based on photography, movement or databending.