Special concert: Music to fill a space

PEAC Museum Robert-Bunsen-Stra脽e 5, Freiburg

In "Music to fill a space", the wind trio of the Ensemble Recherche traces dark, gloomy shadows and radiantly bright colors in sounds that bubble up in the rooms of the Paul Ege Art Collection in Freiburg. The audience is invited to wander through the museum during the concert and to perceive the sounds sometimes […]

Other Histories @Wittener Tage f眉r neue Kammermusik

Wittener Tage f眉r Neue Kammermusik

Music and history, in other words History 鈥 in the sense of a society鈥檚 collective memory and understanding of the past 鈥 is constructed based on decisions made by older generations about what is worth preserving (in the form of texts, images, icons, monuments...) and what is not. The authors of these decisions (politicians, archivists, […]

A Song of Salt and Water @Festival Acht Br眉cken K枚ln

Get ready to dive into a fascinating world under the sea! As your senses adapt to this new environment, a vibrant ecosystem of marine plants and animals starts to emerge around you. But hold on tight 鈥 before you know it, it will be time to go even deeper! A Song of Salt and Water […]

Enno Poppe @Festival Acht Br眉cken K枚ln

A story many years in the making: Ensemble Recherche is overjoyed to present the world premiere of a large-scale work for seven performers by Enno Poppe (co-commissioned by Ensembles Cikada (Norway) and Explore (UK)) alongside premieres by Taiwanese composer and laureate of the Internationaler Acht Bru虉cken Kompositionswettbewerb Po-Chien Liu as well as the iranian composer […]