ABO 3: Six memos from the Last Millennium

E-Werk Freiburg Eschholzstr.77, Freiburg i.Br., Deutschland

Resonance of the past Six memos for the next millennium was the intended title of a Harvard University lecture series by Italo Calvino. The Italian writer and literary theorist died in 1985 having only completed his notes for five of the six lectures; this material was subsequently compiled and published as a book in 1988 […]

ABO 4: Other Histories

Ensemblehaus Freiburg Sch眉tzenallee 72, Freiburg i.Br., Deutschland

Music and history, in other words History 鈥 in the sense of a society鈥檚 collective memory and understanding of the past 鈥 is constructed based on decisions made by older generations about what is worth preserving (in the form of texts, images, icons, monuments...) and what is not. The authors of these decisions (politicians, archivists, […]

ABO 5: Performing the Archive

Experimentalstudio Freiburg Kart盲userstra脽e 45, Freiburg

A deconstruction of the musical heritage Ensemble Recherche and the SWR Experimental Studio have long and illustrious histories. But as L.P. Hartley wrote, 鈥渢he past is a foreign country; they do things differently there鈥. In recent years, Ensemble Recherche has become increasingly engaged in the broader trend of questioning the meaning, relevance and potential burden […]