Concert performance between techno nostalgia and experimental futurism

Whether nuclear research equipment, old tape recorders or celluloid recorders from the 1930s: Stefan Paul Goetsch aka Hainbach is interested in everything that has circuits in it. And he elicits sounds out of all these wondrous devices from around 100 years of technological history.
For his first concert in his old home town, Hainbach now meets Ensemble Recherche: using acoustic instruments, tape delays, analog synthesizers and obscure electronic instruments from recent and older technological history, they construct a musical universe at Jazzhaus Freiburg that is simultaneously full of novelty and nostalgia.



Anja Clift, Fl√∂te
Eduardo Olloqui, Oboe
Klaus Steffes-Holländer, Klavier
Christian Dierstein, Percussion
Adam Woodward, Violine
Sofia von Atzingen, Viola
√Ösa Akerberg, Violoncello
Lukas Nowok, Klangregie

Stefan Paul Goetsch ‚Äď Hainbach