A journey through the world of extinct sounds

The “Museum of a Future Past” takes a critical and creative look at the soundscapes of the world in 2023, which are threatened with extinction – due to climate change and other ecological and sociological developments.

The members of Ensemble Recherche bring the exhibited sounds, which are organized into categories such as “Polar Region”, “Birdsong” and “Anthropology”, back to life. And at the end, there is an optimistic outlook on a world without climate-damaging technologies, which will be a thing of the past by 2070…

With works by
   Bileg Sainburen, Hanna Magdon, Jakob Fros, Jason Ullah,
   Josef Häusel, Leon Aviles Fucyman und Luka Knezevic


   Anja Clift, flute
   Eduardo Olloqui, oboe
   Shizuyo Oka, clarinet
   Klaus Steffes-Holländer, piano
   Christian Dierstein, percussion
   Adam Woodward, violin
   Sofia von Atzingen, viola
   Åsa Åkerberg, violoncello


   Sonja Schmid, Christian Losert, project consulting
Jakob Boeckh, Production
Andreas Schmelas & Siyu Mao, Website