Our memory works for the future

The “Neuro-Moon” app promises control over your own memories – and even more: positive “alternative endings”. The opera NEURO-MOON. Manage Your Memories (composition: Sara Glojnarić) not only tells the story of the success of an app that everyone longs for, but also raises questions about how we should deal with memories individually and collectively.

Shizuyo Oka, clarinet
Klaus Steffes-Holländer, piano
Christian Dierstein, percussion
Melise Mellinger, violin
Åsa Åkerberg, violoncello
Lukas Nowok, sound direction

Janina Staub, Johannes Fritsche,
Ani Yorentz, Yunus Schahinger, vocals
Mona Georgia Müller, acting

Sara Glojnarić, composition
Emma Braslavsky, libretto
Friederike Scheunchen, musical direction
Miriam Götz, direction
Heiko Voss, dramaturgy
Sarah Mittenbühler, stage & costume