ASMR is an internet phenomenon which involves “the experience of a tingling, pleasantly felt sensation on the skin” (Wikipedia). Millions of videos with ASMR triggers have been produced on YouTube and other platforms. In the research project “close to you”, the aim is to investigate artistically whether ASMR can be used to create a physical and emotional feeling of touch‚ÄĒultimately an experience of resonance. If closeness can simply be created from a distance; if we miss physical and emotional touch because the corona crisis has changed our daily life as well as art production and reception, can we learn from the ASMR community and transfer practices of ASMR to our work as artists?

With: Allan G. Madsen, Morten Riis – composition and artistic research; Sebasti√°n Zuleta, Merlin Blumenschein – audiovisual accompaniment

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