The years 2020/2021 seem like a permanent contact loose. Sometimes we can meet up, other times we can only connect virtually. Closeness and distance, the fundamental poles of human relationships, have become a matter of negotiation for the whole society. 

Ensemble Recherche has also approached the matter as involuntarily as curiously and has undertaken various research projects. How can artistic work continue to establish contact, generate resonance or even touch people physically?

Under this premise, the Ensemblehaus becomes a contact exchange between musicians and audience, sounds and bodies, art and people. In a hybrid, immersive music installation, visitors can decide for themselves how close they want to get to the sound. Spread across several rooms, visitors can experience the physical effect of sound, listen through acoustic magnifying glasses and influence a piece of music with the sheer presence of their own body – an interactive sound journey between ASMR, improvisation, physics and intimate encounters (and of course: contact microphones). And since it is also possible to connect online, an internet platform translates the analog experiences into virtual space, first live and then permanently accessible.

Eduardo Olloqui, Oboe
Shizuyo Oka, Klarinette
Klaus Steffes-Holländer, Klavier
Christian Dierstein, Percussion
Melise Mellinger, Violine
√Ösa √Ökerberg, Violoncello

Allan Gravgaard Madsen, Co-Composer

Max-Lukas Hundelshausen, Lucia Kilger, Morten Riis, Sound Artists

Cornelius Reitmayr, Victor Haberkorn, Visual Artists

Alexandra Vildosola, Konzertdesign und Stimme

Valentin Alisch, Niklas Berlec, Tobias Hönow, Webdesign

Seehundmedia, Videoproduction und Stream